Culture du Vin (Wine Culture)

My ‘Wine Culture’ concept is fitted for anyone who loves the good things of life: nature, landscapes, art, food, well-being, the act of sharing and of course wine. My experience in the world of wine and the vine growing enables me to share with passion my unique and entertaining knowledge of this area.

Discover the world of wine throughout my activities, with a range of outstanding wines, fitted for everybody in order to appreciate the French wine culture and gastronomy.

A bottle of wine is, before anything, great pleasure if shared with the right people and served in optimum conditions, in harmony with food.

Wine-oriented Activities in Touraine

From introduction to wine to improvement of your knowledge, learn all there is to know about oenology and taste wine.
  • Gastronomy Discoveries: Activities for family, friends, special event (cocktail party, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc.).
  • Activities for tourist groups: Wine from the Renaissance era till today, Gastronomy Discoveries, Time evolution of Wine. Customized for multiple audiences, Gastronomic discoveries, Time Evolution of Wine.
  • How to serve a Loire Valley wine: For team building activities, wine-related game, original and fun, designed for several teams.
  • Découverte du millésime anniversaire : Partager ensemble dans les conditions idéales le millésime de l’année d’un anniversaire à célébrer.
  • Time Evolution of Wine: Customized activities designed to discover the evolution of the wines through time and lift the veil on the believes that an old vintage is bound to be good.
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