Daniel Gatay Oenologist Expert


Passion for French wine and vineyards and great experience.


Good practice of food and wine pairing.

Quality and reliability

Network of reliable winemakers and technicians of the world of wine.


High knowledge and experience in old vintages and history of wine and vineyards.

English spoken.

Daniel GATAY's Experience

Cultureduvin.fr is the product of Daniel GATAY’s passion for oenology : he has been discovering wines with great pleasure for 25 years, strengthened by his 13-year experience within Caves DUHARD in Amboise, a wine cellar that has been run by 4 generations of specialists in quality aged wines, Touraine old vintages and French gastronomy.

Manager, Daniel offers his personal wine selection and carefully selected local products.

Daniel offers you his selection of the best French Wines

Young wines are chosen according to the quality of the producers' follow-up and the typicality of the products.

A selection of wines without added sulphites and / or produced in organic farming was also carried out with care (To read our philosophy on this range).

The wines to age that Daniel offers are selected and then are matured by Les Caves DUHARD or the winemakers, which are chosen according to the quality of their products and their wineries, for the Loire Valley wines.

As for other regions in France (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, etc.), it is the result of the privileged partnership with wine professionals.

After a dozen years resting in the cave, the wines need to be restored. We do it personally, watching the level of the wine in the bottle because the aging process consists of an evaporation and slow oxidation of the liquid through the cork. We uncork each bottle, one by one, we taste the wine and we add more of the same wine, and then we recork the bottle with a new cork.

Daniel helps you with:

  • Getting quality wines that were especially selected and watched.
  • Buying quality rare wines.
  • Organizing parties or meetings with wine-related activities, customized for individuals, groups or business. (Wines from the Renaissance era till today, How to serve a Loire Valley wine, Gourmet discovery/experience, Time evolution of Wine).
  • Investing in wine (whether it be an emotional investment or a financial one), selecting the perfect product with a possibility of storing in ideal conditions.


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